Store, track, comply and share documents when
you travel internationally for work, school or fun

Organize and track your documents

Scan, email or upload photos of visas, passports, driver’s licenses and other important international travel documents and store them securely

and share documents anytime

View your documents anywhere and at any time, even when you’re not connected to Wi-Fi. Share documents in real time with your lawyer, travel agent, company, school or family.

Stay compliant and track deadlines

Keep track of and build in reminders for all your important expiration dates. Get alerts that will remind you when and where you need to take action while you are traveling.

Be Safe travelling abroad

Based on your location, Zfend lets you know close-by resources, like the nearest Consulate, police station or hospital, so you can be safe while traveling.

Keep your information secure and vaulted

Zfend is more than just an international travel app. It’s the best way to securely store documents for all your family members, like birth certificates, social security cards, work visas and driver’s licenses.

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