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Zfend FAQ

How do I capture a document?

Use your smartphone’s camera to capture an image of your document. You can then store this image on your phone.

When you Add (+) the document, its category and type will default to “Travel: Passport” Use the > symbol to go to the next screen. Scroll up or down to choose document type.

Can I capture multiple pages in a single document?
Yes. Once you take a picture of a page of your document, you will be asked if you would like to add more pages of the same document. Use the Add (+) function to store multiple pages of the document.
Can I change the name of the document I want to store?
Yes. The ‘Document Name’ field is editable and you can enter a custom document name (e.g., “Jane’s Driving License”) in the ‘Document Name’ field.
How can I add a PDF document?
When opening a PDF document from a mail attachment or device, select ‘Open in Zfend’. Then, choose to store the PDF document under the appropriate document type and family member.
Do I have to enter every data field every time?
Some data fields are auto-populated based on previous entries made. You should review each of these auto-populated fields and edit as required.
What are the colored circles in the ‘General’ screen?
These colored circles can be applied to your documents; select a particular color for a document type or a family member to better track your documents.
What happens if I lose my smartphone?
The data stored in your phone is encrypted as well. You will be able to remotely wipe all data if this feature is available on your smartphone.
How can I access my data if I do not have connectivity?
Since your data are stored locally in the Zfend app, you do not require connectivity to view your data. Any new data entered offline will not sync to the server.
Can I store information about my family and friends?
Yes. You can store data and documents for all your family and friends. You can even build reminders connected to these documents.
What is the storage limit?

At this time, there are no storage limits.

Every opened document includes an email icon. Select that icon to send your document via email to your travel agent or attorney.

Will the email I send be encrypted?
Your document will be emailed via your smartphone’s email system. Encryption will depend upon that system.
How do the alerts feature work?
You can store validity or expiration dates for every document added into Zfend. You can define when you get alerts and what those alerts tell you to do.
Can I customize the frequency of these alerts?
Yes. Frequency is fully customizable.
Can I turn off the alerts?
You are able to turn off alerts at any time. Please note that once you do this, you will not be alerted of potential deadlines or pending expiration dates. You may want to adjust the frequency of alerts instead of removing them fully.
What is my "Home" country?
Your “Home” country is the country in which you normally live.
Why do I need to enter my 4 digit PIN every time I open Zfend?
The security of your data is essential. If you leave your phone unattended, no one can access your data without the PIN. We require this pin to ensure your data remain secure.
Can I disable my PIN?
For your security, the PIN feature cannot be disabled.
How can I get the consulate for my country in the “Be Safe” feature?
Identify your home country in the “Settings” page so that the map will show you the nearest Consulate
How can I add my email or phone number?
You can add your email or phone number on the “Settings” page.
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